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  • Green Portable Classrooms
  • BEYOND SHELTER: Architecture and Human Dignity
  • Sergio Palleroni wins AIA 2011 Latrobe Prize
  • Ladakh Commonwealth Peace Pavilion Nominated for 2011 Brit Insurance Design Awards
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Green Portables in the News
Green Portables in the News

The Oregon Solutions, Green Portables project has been featured by many local news organizations. Read about the project and the state of portables today, in these articles: Oregon Effort will Green Portable Classrooms, Sustainable Business Oregon by Lee van der Voo Portable Dangers, Portland Tribune by Steve Law Architects Trying to Create an Improved Portable Classroom Daily […]

Green Portable Classrooms
Green Portable Classrooms

The Green Schools of the Future Initiative is focusing on greening portable classrooms. This is a collaboration of many different industries and disciplines coming together to solve the problem facing schools when there is no longer enough room inside a building for growing and ever fluctuating school populations. The group hopes to come up with a sustainable, nurse viable option for […]

BEYOND SHELTER: Architecture and Human Dignity
BEYOND SHELTER: Architecture and Human Dignity

Beyond Shelter: Architecture and Human Dignity –  Coming to Stores March 31st Across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States, groundbreaking work is being done by small teams of outstanding professionals who are helping communities to recover from disaster and rebuild, bridging the gap that separates short-term emergency needs from long-term sustainable recovery. Questions […]